CNC Turning

Do you want to create parts and components for your company that are as precise as possible? Since 1976, the experienced technicians at Custom Machine, Inc. have been utilizing a process called CNC turning to take the blueprints for parts and bring them to life. Whether you’re interested in creating a one-piece prototype or a full production run for a specific part, we have the tools and expertise to get it done.

With the CNC machining services from Custom Machine, Inc., you can create metal or plastic pieces that are custom built to meet your needs. Unlike machining done with a traditional lathe, CNC turning allows us to use multiple cutting actions at once, which results in more precise parts and components. We manufacture quality parts that meet industry standards. The parts will also feature a superior finish, and maybe best of all, it won’t take us long at all to fulfill your order and send it to you when we use CNC turning.

At Custom Machine, Inc., we have clients from across the country who have turned to us time and time again for their CNC machining needs. They appreciate the precision that goes into each and every part we make, and they know they’ll be able to get access to their parts quickly when they trust us to make them.

Contact Custom Machine, Inc. at 815-284-3820 today to see how CNC turning can benefit you and your business.

Get advanced turning

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Multiple cutting actions
  • Boring
  • Tubular components
  • Various shapes