CNC Milling

If your company is currently in need of custom parts and components, Custom Machine, Inc. can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for. First founded in 1976, we rely on a series of CNC machining services to provide customers from across the country and various industries with parts and components in a timely manner. From one-piece prototypes to full production runs, you can count on Custom Machine, Inc. to supply you with precise parts by putting processes like milling to good use.

Milling is a CNC machining service that allows Custom Machine, Inc. to remove material from any piece of metal to customize it into the part or component you need. Compared to traditional milling machines, CNC milling can create parts and components that are much more accurate. It’s also able to duplicate the process over and over again to provide you with as many parts and components as you need. This makes the manufacturing process efficient and allows us to ship your parts and components quickly.

It doesn’t matter if you need one small part or a bunch of much larger ones. Thanks to CNC milling, Custom Machine, Inc. can machine any parts you need and follow your design instructions right down to the tiniest of details. We can also assist you with custom designs and show you the possibilities that come along with using the milling process.

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Start-to-finish milling

Application Benefits

Rapid Tooling
Because CNC can be applied to virtually any material, it is perfect for rapid tooling, i.e., creating fixtures or molds.
Rapid Prototyping
The range of materials available, low cost per unit, and speed of production makes this a great option for prototyping.
End-Use Production
High-quality finish, vast material options and precise tolerances have made this a favorable technology for end-use parts.

CNC Milling Materials

Materials we use here at Custom Machine Inc.

Available Varieties
Aluminum 50526 | Aluminum 7075 & 7075-T66 | Aluminum 6063-T56 | Aluminum 7050-T74516 | Aluminum MIC-66 | Aluminum 6061-T6 | Aluminum 2024-T3
Brass C360 | Brass 260 | C932 M07 Bearing Bronze
ABS | Acetal [Delrin] | Acrylic | G-10 Garolite | Nylon 6/6 | PEEK | Polycarbonate | PTFE [Teflon] | Polypropylene | Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Alloy Steel 4130, 4140 | ASTM A36 | Stainless Steel 15-5, 18-8, 303 | Stainless Steel 303, 304, 316/316L | Stainless Steel 416, 420 | Steel, Low Carbon | Steel A36 | Titanium Grade 2, Titanium 6Al-4V, Zinc Sheet Alloy 500 | Steel 1045, 1144, 12L14, Fatigue Proof, Stress Proof


Available Finishes
The finish option with the quickest turnaround. Parts are left with visible tool marks and potentially sharp edges and burrs, which can be removed upon request. Surface finish is comparable to 125 uin Ra finish.
Bead Blast
The part surface is left with a smooth, matte appearance.
Anodized (Type II Or Type III)
Type II creates a corrosion-resistant finish. Parts can be anodized in different colors—clear, black, red, and gold are most common—and is usually associated with aluminum. Type III is thicker and creates a wear-resistant layer in addition to the corrosion resistance seen with Type II.
Powder Coat
This is a process where powdered paint is sprayed onto a part which is then baked in an oven. This creates a strong, wear- and corrosion-resistant layer that is more durable than standard painting methods. A wide variety of colors are available to create the desired aesthetic.
Don’t see the finish you need? Submit a request and we’ll look into a finishing process for you.

General CNC Tolerances

General Tolerance
Distance Dimensions
For features of size (Length, width, height, diameter) and location (position, concentricity, symmetry) +/- 0.005”.
Orientation and Form Dimensions
0-12" +/- 0.005", Angularity 1/2 degree. For 24" and beyond please contact us
Edge Condition
Sharp edges will be broken and deburred by default. Critical edges that must be left sharp should be noted and specified on a print.
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