Screw Machine Shop in Dixon, IL

Many businesses frequently need pieces that screw machines can create. Screw machining is an ingenious process by which a precision instrument spins lathes rapidly, shaving metal components down to any size you desire.

Photo of automatic lathe						Photo of screw machines

You can do nearly infinite things with a screw machine, and buying parts from us makes sense for tons of different industries. You might consider buying screw machine-created components from Custom Machine Inc if you work in:

  • Construction
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Defense and military contracting
  • Medicine
  • Electronics
  • And many more

Get the best parts with our screw machines

Some companies choose to rent or buy screw machines to make their parts themselves, but it often serves you better to purchase the parts from us. If you have a screw machine in your workspace, you need to hire individuals who know how to run it.

That’s seldom the most practical solution for your business entity. If you hire us to make your pieces for you, we can start manufacturing products very rapidly that would otherwise take you a much longer time to create.

Custom Machine Inc is always going to be your choice for screw machine-manufactured products in and around Dixon, Illinois, because we have an excess of 40 years of industry experience. We’ll also happily answer any queries about these machines that you might have. We’ll give you excellent prices, and we can handle either large or small orders with no issues.

How Will Utilizing Screw Machines Boost Your Company’s Sales?

The basic idea behind screw machines is that you can create all kinds of components from metals that will fit together seamlessly. Maybe you are producing these components and then assembling them, or perhaps you’re selling them piecemeal. Either way, your customers will love the fact that they can order the pieces or fully assembled items from you, and they will be exactly to their specifications.

The precision components that you get from a screw machine always look 100% professional. You’ll never be disappointed by the results from our dynamic machines. Once we get the blueprints for what you want or you contact us to discuss what you have in mind, Custom Machine Inc can get to work for you immediately.