Screw Machines

You can take advantage of the many benefits of our screw machines when you work with us. When working with Custom Machine Inc we would be pleased to quote your print from one piece prototype to production runs. When you need the best service for specific parts, let us help. Our screw machines are automatic lathes that can machine turned parts, creating unique components that will meet your specific needs and budget.

Photo of automatic lathe

Precise parts for your needs

Let us help you get the right parts for your needs with our excellent screw machines. You can get the best parts for all of your equipment, and we can make it happen with our custom designs and superior service.

Photo of screw machines

Superior designs and parts

  • Automated lathes
  • Small to medium parts
  • Turned parts
  • Custom designs
  • Timely service

Get the best parts with our screw machines

Give us a call today to learn more about our excellent screw machines and how they can help you get the right turned parts for your specific needs. Whether you need large or small parts, you’ll get the precision and accuracy you expect.